Asaf Nadirov

Asef Abbasgulu oghly Nadirov 

(13.03.1929 - 14.03.2014)
Scientific world of Azerbaijan has faced painful loss.  Economist-scholar of the Republic, member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Ph.D in Economic Sciences, professor, honored scholar Asef Nadirov passed away on March 14, 2014. Asef Nadirov was born on March 13, 1929 in Sharur district of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. After graduating high school, he studied geology-geography faculty at Azerbaijan State University, and his profession was economic geography. He started his career as an advisor at the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1951 and entered postgraduate study at the Azerbaijan National Academy in 1952. Asef Nadirov graduated geography institute of USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow, in 1956. He dedicated more than 50 years of his life to the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences since 1956 and worked in the Geography Institute as a junior and senior researcher in 1956-1958, as head of department in the Economy Institute in 1958-1964 and deputy director in 1964-1981. Since 1981 he was in the highest posts of the Academy and until 1997 he was senior scientific secretary and academician-secretary of the Presidium of Academy of Sciences. Asef Nadirov was advisor at the National Academy of Sciences in 1997-2000, became the member of the Presidium of the Academy. In 2007 he was again appointed as the advisor of the National Academy of Sciences and worked in this position until the end of his life. Asef Nadirov got his candidacy in Moscow in 1956 and Ph.D in 1968. He got the title of professor in 1970 and was elected correspondent member of the Academy in 1980 and active member in 1989. 
Academician Asef Nadirov was one of the prominent representatives of the economic science of Azerbaijan. He conducted very beneficial and intensive researches on the most complicated and urgent problems of the economy of the Republic during his life. Investigation of regional economy in Azerbaijan and determination of its principles as a scientific direction is connected with the name of Asef Nadirov. 
The scholar through appreciating the existent opportunities of the economy always took theoretical – methodological solution of development of the industry and improvement of its structure, beneficial placement of productive forces, land planning and economic regionalization into account. Land-production complex in the economic regions of Azerbaijan were formed according to his recommendations. 
Asef Nadirov is the author of approximately 600 researches, as well as, over 20 books, monographs, methodical materials and textbooks. Works of the scholar were translated into several languages, published by famous publication houses and welcomed by the scholar society. He represented Azerbaijani economic science in different famous international symposiums and conferences proudly. 
Asef Nadirov, who was also engaged in pedagogical activity, did his best for education of high level students. Under the supervision of the scholar over 50 candidates of science and PhDs were formed. 
Contribution of the Academician Asef Nadirov to the development of the economic sciences in Azerbaijan and scientific-organizational activities were highly appreciated. He was awarded with several orders and medals, as well as, with the supreme prizes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Sharaf” and “Shohrat” orders. 
Memory of the prominent scholar and famous pedagogue, capable scholar and frank person Asef Nadirov will always stay in our hearts. 
Rest in Peace!” 
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